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1 104407 $449,000.00 SFH VAMA2000724 WILDERNESS ROAD, MADISON SOLD! 2011 Wilderness Road,Reva Carl Broyles
2 665253 $389,000.00 SFH VAMA2001152 BURNT TREE WAY, MADISON New Listing! 391 Burnt Tree Way,Orange Carl Broyles
3 664440 $289,000.00 SFH VAMA2001194 DUET ROAD, MADISON New Listing! 591 Duet Rd,Madison Carl Broyles
4 104418 $149,000.00 LOT VAOR2003768 INDEPENDENCE ROAD, ORANGE SOLD! Independence Road,Unionville Carl Broyles
5 664441 $129,000.00 SFH VAMA2001128 LAUREL DRIVE, MADISON New Listing! Under Contract 258 Laurel Drive,Madison Carl Broyles
6 663663 $60,000.00 LOT 638926 SPRING ROAD, FLUVANNA New Listing! Under Contract Spring Road,Bremo Bluff Carl Broyles